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A Barcelona Adventure: Book Signing in Sant Jordi with My Sister

Join my sister Ami and me on a thrilling journey as we traveled to Barcelona for the iconic Sant Jordi book signing event. As a talented team, Ami crafted the words while I brought them to life with my illustrations. Together, we embarked on a remarkable experience, engaging with media outlets such as TVE-R, Canal24h TVE, and L'estret de Magallanes.

In the bustling streets of Barcelona, we were humbled by the warm reception from the readers and supporters who visited us during Sant Jordi. Their presence and enthusiasm for our work filled our hearts with gratitude, reminding us of the profound impact storytelling can have on people's lives.

Additionally, we owe a debt of gratitude to Jaume Borja, our dedicated press manager. Jaume's meticulous organization and relentless efforts ensured our participation in renowned media outlets, allowing us to reach a wider audience.

Come and join us in our thrilling Atrapachispas adventure! More about Atrapachispas (only in Spanish):

Atrapachispas: Una fábula sobre el poder de la autenticidad y los sueños (SIN COLECCION) : Bondia Raga, Ami: Oficina y papelería

See the interviews: (Spanish and Catalan)

Radio Estel: Merce Raga

RNE . De boca a orella. (RNE4). Silvia Tarragona



L’ estret de magallanes. Terres de Lébre

TV Sabadell Mar Luque

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