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Blurring the Lines of Science and Creativity: Catch My Episode on the Outliers Podcast!

Calling all boundary-pushers, creative thinkers, and science enthusiasts!

I'm thrilled to announce that I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Outliers Podcast (only in Spanish). Our stimulating conversation centered around my journey from research to freelance visual communication.

During this podcast episode, I delve into the compelling synergy of science and creativity and how this fusion can create impactful narratives that simplify complex concepts. The Somos Outliers Podcast, created by Chema Oliva, is known for its profound conversations with outliers scientists and was the perfect platform to discuss this innovative intersection and share my story.

Together, we explore the challenges and fears accompanying career transition and the fulfillment of pursuing a passion for making a positive difference. This episode is not just my tale but a testament to the power of interdisciplinary thinking and creativity in every aspect of our lives, including science and entrepreneurship.

Are you ready to redefine boundaries and draw inspiration from unlikely places? Curious to understand how art can beautifully collide with science? Then this episode is an absolute must-listen!

Find it in Spotify:

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