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Unleashing Multipotentiality with "El Juego de Emprender" Podcast

In a world that often demands specialization, have you ever felt different, eager to explore multiple passions rather than conforming to one?

I recently enjoyed joining Sergio del Prado on his wonderful podcast, "El Juego de Emprender." Our conversation revolved around the fascinating concept of multipotentiality, the idea that some individuals are drawn to various interests and pursuits rather than just one.

During the discussion, we explored how embracing multipotentiality can lead to a unique, blended profession that leverages diverse skills and passions. We highlighted how this non-linear career path offers personal satisfaction and contributes novel perspectives to the professional world.

We also delved into the 'impostor syndrome' many faces when starting a business. This sense of not being 'ready' or 'good enough', while seemingly overwhelming, is a common experience. We shared insights on how to navigate these feelings, emphasizing the importance of believing in oneself and taking the plunge regardless of fear.

This episode is packed with honest reflections, practical advice, and encouraging words to inspire anyone grappling with multiple passions or facing fears about embarking on a new entrepreneurial venture.

Intrigued? Ready to embrace your multipotentiality and conquer your fears? Check out the episode on Spotify ( and join our conversation!

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