From Science to Art

I am happy swimming at the intersection between science and art. I studied Biotechnology, and I was working in the lab when I realized the importance of visuals in communicating science. I loved creating my own illustrations so much that a voice started to whisper in my head:

«What if I made this my profession?»

this voice became louder and louder until I had to change my career direction.

For some years, I combined my job as a researcher with studying the software used by the cinema and video games industry. Now, I apply these tools to create illustrations and animations that make science stand out and raise people’s interest and curiosity.

In this mission, I am not alone. I collaborate with:

Enrique Sahagún at Scixel, and together we created some of the illustrations and animations featured in my gallery.

Melek Villanueva (link a, to bring gamification into science in our project

Cristina Puchades in our shop about scientific inspired gifts and clothing StemStuff | Spreadshop→-play-button.png.png

Bring your science to life through captivating illustrations and animations