Nanocar Racing: The game
  • By admin
  • 27 de febrero de 2024

Nanocar Racing: The game

I am thrilled to announce the creation of my first videogame in collaboration with Melek Villanueva and Imdea Nanoscience, «Nanocar Racing». An exhilarating learning-based racing game that takes you on a molecular adventure through a track made of gold atoms! Inspired by the real-life Nanocar Race, where research teams manipulate custom-designed molecules, this game brings the excitement of scientific competition to your fingertips.

Game Features:
🔬 Educational Fun: Navigate through a challenging racecourse, avoiding collisions with clusters of gold atoms. Each molecule has unique characteristics, adding an element of strategy to your gameplay.

🌟 Real-world Inspiration: Modeled after the Nanocar Race, our game sparks curiosity about nanoscience and encourages players to explore fundamental questions about molecules, atoms, and scanning tunneling microscopes.

🎮 Interactive Learning: Choose your molecule wisely, considering its speed and resistance to collisions.

IMDEA Nanoscience Celebration: 🎉 We recently had the honor of celebrating the launch of «Nanocar Racing» at IMDEA Nanoscience. The atmosphere was buzzing with excitement and the game competition was initiated. Everyone can compite from 7th to 17th of November.

Join the Race! 🚀 Get ready to pilot your molecule, safeguard it from collisions, and race towards the finish line in record-breaking time. «Nanocar Racing» is not just a game; it’s a journey into the fascinating world of nanoscience!


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